5 Ways to a Mindful Morning!!!

April 25, 2018

I get it- we are all busy and waiting for that big break to finally set up a better routine and plan. But the truth is- making time for healthy habits is up to you. Creating a pattern is not always easy, especially when life keeps moving. So here are 5 easy tips to start a mindful day. 

1) Ignore your devices 

The first thing I hear in the morning is my alarm. When I go to reach for my phone to turn it off I then think to scroll through messages, social media and my email. All of this instant stimulation before I could even roll out of bed used to set the tone of my day. It took a while for me to avoid my phone and go through a healthier morning sequence. After consistently making this change I have noticed an overall decrease in tension. 


2) Mindfully stretch to wake up your body

Doing few morning stretches can wake up the body and increase heart rate and circulation. I choose to do a quick 5 minute yoga flow to get some blood-flow through my systems and brain. I love how energized I feel before reaching for my cup of coffee ( yes- never giving that up)! 


3) Hydrate with lemon water

I have always heard the benefits of putting lemon in your water in the morning. It is true- lemon water helps aid in digestion and so much more. It is more effective to use warm water to really rehydrate the body. Lemon is a great mood booster, helps with weight loss, and even your complexion (who knew)! So when life gives you a lemon- find someone with tequila and salt!!! jooooke. Make some refreshing lemon water to start your day! 

4) Prioritize your day 

Sometimes cramming everything into one day feels productive. But, overtime, I realized there is actually a lot I can cross off my to-do list and not feel so crunched for time! Creating an outline for your day allows you to pick and choose what is worth your time and energy and what makes sense. Everyone is granted the same amount of hours-it's your choice to decide what your priorities are. 


5) Meditation 

This word alone used to scare me. I would always avoid attempting to meditate because I never thought I could. All I can say is - try it. You never know until you give something a shot. I got started by using an app on my phone called, "headspace." This allowed me to understand basic concepts and use my breath. I now can appreciate all different styles and forms to reach that meditative state! 


Hope you enjoyed these mindful tips and have the BEST DAY!!!


Much Love,


Amy J













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February 25, 2018

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