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January 11, 2018

Since I started yoga, I have learned that the intentions I set on my mat carry into my daily life.  For me- my yoga practice has become a lifestyle. This includes routine  habits of turning inward and taking action to keep my mind, body and spirit aligned. 

Hiking Mount Woodson in San Diego, California this past weekend was so refreshing. Climbing to 2000 ft elevation and 8 miles up was a challenge-but making the climb with with friends is what I live for! Coming together with people you love the most is was keeps me going. Stopping to check out the views was breathtaking and well worth the early morning wake-up call ;).

Being able to run through a simple and short yoga flow at the top of the Mount Woodson and making it to Potato Chip Rock was a memory I will never forget. I carry my inner gratitude with me through all excursion and thank my body for being able to keep me active. 


Stay Active and take care,

Amy J 




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February 25, 2018

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